Krew Konnect

We are revolutionizing how crew members travel, interact and share information with each other in the best way possible!

Our Vision

A travel community specifically tailored to fulfill the unique needs of aviation employees. Namely connecting flight attendants, pilots and gate/ground agents across company lines.

Our Voice

We are because you are! So your feedback is important to us! Sharing your thoughts with us only makes for a better community for crew members worldwide. We encourage each of you to share your tips, tricks and travel advice!

Our Mission

Connect crew members around the world in real time to have real fun! We do so by creating a community that connects like-minded professional travelers, fostering crew travel, information sharing and wanderlust.

We are a community of crew members here to solve the unique needs of crew members worldwide! Who are crew members you ask? They are the pilots, flight attendants and gate/ground agents of the aviation realm.

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How It Works

  • Profile Screen

    Krew Timer

    Instantly know how much time a crew member has left on their layover before messaging!

    Romance Not Required

    We connect, the other guys match. Our "Here For" section lets you know the difference. Recreation only users want to remain platonic. Don't fret, it's them, not you.


    Crew members most common layover interests broken into three categories, Explore, Party, and Food. Change them based on your mood to connect with like minded travelers!


    Found a user you like? Message them detailing what adventures you'd like to experience and let the good times roll!
  • Login Screen

    Email Verification

    Users must complete a company verification in order to Join The Krew!

    Create Profile

    Once verification is complete users can create a profile and gain access to our community.
  • Konnections Screen

    Krew Nearby

    Say goodbye to sharing the same hotel as a dear friend and having no idea! Kew Konnect displays friends you have nearby in real time!

    Pending Konnections

    View invitations to explore, dine and/or party from crew members. You reserve the right to accept or decline based on what you wish to do!


    Forget having to figure where a user is based on miles! Filter your connections by location and more!
  • Galley Gossip Screen

    Galley Gossip

    Have all the information you'd traditionally get from a senior mama right at your fingertips!


    Crewmembers can share safety related information with each other


    See what events we have planned around the world


    We've compiled a comprehensive list of discounts available to you! Some great deals exclusive to our members!

We're Launching!

We only launch when we meet our target of 2,000 users per major airline hub.

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