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20170325_002452 (1)

Don’t give up on your dreams. Don’t ignore your heart’s desire. You may have fallen or gotten off track but it’s doesn’t have to be over. Keep living. Keep learning. Keep Pressing!

Don’t be ashamed. Everyone has been through one way or another. The key is to go through meaning don’t stop. YAH is a forgiving God. He loves His children so much. Don’t settle and don’t stop! Be willing to take responsibility. Your life and your future matters.

As children of The Most High God we have the ability to create our world by simply speaking it into existence. Whatever we desire when we pray, if we believe we WILL receive. Faith, patience, and obedience working together will make it happen. Be forgiving and full of love while doing your part. Remember faith without works is dead and he who doubts receives nothing from the Lord. If you can see it before you see it….you are one step ahead. Nothing is impossible with God! If you believe and are truly in faith you know “its already done” therefore act like it is and call those things that be not as though they were. That’s Faith…Romans 4:17

You can win in your marriage, finances, overcome childhood issues, be healed, and anything else that seems to be a burden. Things may change when you least expect in a way you couldn’t even imagine. Seasons change it does not have to be permanent. Believe and be victorious…A Champion!
-Prophetess Faith Thomas