If you’re thinking about getting rid of your unwanted ink, you’ve come to the right place. We’re Sydney’s laser tattoo removal specialists, and our state-of-the-art laser is about to make your tattoo a thing of the past. Have a multi-coloured tattoo or a tattoo other clinics can’t remove? Not a problem. We’ll remove it fully or fade it for you so you can have it reworked or covered up. Our safe, professional service gets results, and all for an affordable price. Anybody can suffer from tattoo regret.

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At Fade to Blank, we like to think that we can change lives. Ok, so tattoo removal isn’t quite brain surgery, but the difference it makes to somebody’s life is often profound. The way we see it, we provide second chances. Whether you’re trying to look more professional, upgrade your current tattoo, or remove the remains of a past mistake, we’re here to help.

We are located in Concord, in Sydney’s Inner West. We are part of The Skin Clinic, which offers a 5-star service in many other cosmetic and laser treatments. Fade to Blank is a family-owned business and we care deeply about achieving positive results for our clients. We offer a professional and friendly service.

We’re able to achieve results that many other clinics in Sydney can’t. Our two-laser, three-wavelength machine means we can treat the most stubborn tattoo colours effectively – all with minimum pain and no scarring.

We understand the desire for change. It’s a natural part of life. We’re proud to say if you have the desire to change your ink, we’ll help you put it right again. After all, we’ve never met a tattoo yet that we haven’t managed to Fade to Blank.

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At Fade to Blank we have chosen the Quanta Q-Plus C. Manufactured in Italy, this medical-grade laser is the only true 3 wavelength Q-switched laser in the world. The Quanta Q-Plus C sets a new standard in multi-coloured tattoo removal. It actually has two Q-switched lasers in one machine, an Nd:YAG, and a ruby. These two lasers generate 3 wavelengths:

The Nd:YAG laser operating at 1064nm – a near invisible (infrared) light – targets blacks, black-blues and dark greens.

The Nd:YAG also operates at 532nm – a green light – and targets reds and oranges.

The ruby laser operates at 694nm – a red light – targets the tough lime greens and sky blues.

The laser machines of our competitors do not feature the ruby laser; they simulate the ruby’s wavelength using impregnated dye handpieces that filters the light. However, these handpiece systems are much weaker in power, because a larger percentage (sometimes upwards of 70%) of the laser energy is blocked by the filter. As a result, handpiece systems are largely ineffective, especially in later treatment stages when powerful pulses are most needed.

The Quanta Q-Plus C delivers the laser energy in a square spot size, meaning that the energy is distributed evenly over the target area without ‘hot spots’, greatly reducing any complications such as burning or scarring.

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» Special Offers for August 2015

» Prepayment package deal: Buy 5 treatments in advance and get the 6th treatment free.

» 50% off the first treatment.

For the prepayment offer, payment must be made on the day of the first treatment. The 50% discount for the first treatment can be combined with the prepayment offer or just used on its own. There are no other obligations. You choose!

Referrals offer: Refer a new client to us and get 50% off one treatment.

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