The Rescue Rover solution connects vehicles directly with service providers. We utilize geospatial locations to provide the quickest service possible.


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Our Services

image__4The Rescue Rover software interprets error codes directly from the vehicle then connects the distressed vehicle with a service provider. We are not just an application, we are a community of people, helping other people in need.

Think of us as a Roadside Assistance Solution without any of the annual fees.

Drop off Gas
Simply select your gas type and confirm your location and a Rescuer will handle the rest.
Flat Tire Repair
We know these stink, but were here to help. If the vehicle can’t be repaired, we’ll help with a tow truck.
Jump Start
Batteries get old, or cold. Simply confirm your location and a Rescuer is on the way!
We understand that being stranded isn’t fun, once you confirm your location, you’ll be connected to a local tow truck. We’ll provide instant tracking so you’re not in the dark on your order – Hurray!
Car Drop Off
This is an added bonus – When your car needs towing or you want a car waiting at your hotel when you arrive, simply let us know and we’ll coordinate the rest.



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